The bond between tradition and technology

Deeply rooted in family tradition, striving to complement the tradition with supreme technology,
and affirm the technology by memorable creations of rakijas, bitters and liqueurs, based on
almost personal raw materials, we hereby introduce Megdan rakijas, produced in controlled
fermentation conditions, distilled in Holstein distillation column, allowed to further improve in
quality through careful aging in oak barrels made of local, Bulgarian, French and Italian oak by
renowned producers.

Abot rakija

Fruit rakijas have been produced in Serbia for several hundreds of years. The rakijas are a quality
spirit on demand in our country and throughout the world. Production of alcohol drinks (above
15% of alcohol) is based on fermentation of sugar in fruits and grapes. At a glance making rakija
appears simple, but production is complex and requires expertise and know-how.

The process of rakija creation is divided in several stages: picking of the fruit, generating
pomace, distillation, ageing, reducing to the desired degrees, storing and packing…
If we want perfect flavour of a rakija, we must only use quality, healthy and ripe fruits.


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