Apricot is a pretty, tasty, yellow-orange fruit, originating from Central Asia. Apricot fruit is rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals. Apricot is mostly picked manually, between the end of June and end of July. Fresh apricot fruits are popular in our country as raw fruit, reaching a high price. It is used as raw material for processing (juices, jams, compote…). Furthermore, apricots are processed into a rakija of outstanding quality. 


Apricot rakija

Apricot is a colorless rakija. It displays flavor and aroma of the fruit and belongs among the so called white rakijas.

Megdan Apricot rakija, produced under controlled fermentation conditions from ripe, healthy, manually picked fruits from the surroundings of Čačak (the village of Mijokovci), of gentle, irresistible lasting fragrance and structure. The first apricot tree was planted in the village of Mijokovci in 1846. Experts state that its geographic position and climate conditions make this village the best location in Europe to grow apricots. To be used in production of rakija the fruit must be ripe, and is turned to mush by adding a little water. The pits are easily removed. Fermentation takes place in closed containers. Thus neither the aroma nor the alcohol is lost. In apricot rakijas the stabilizing takes longer. One liter of Megdan apricot rakija requires between 8,5 and 10kg of apricots.

Our apricot rakija contains cca. 40% of alcohol, at this volume the apricot is ideally drinkable and flavourful.


Apricot rakija is served slightly chilled.

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