Fruit Rakija




Megdan rakija

First place in the competition

Which plum rakija up to 2,000 RSD is the best option to buy? Watch the video below.


Fruit Rakija

BM Distillery

Assortment of the most popular flavours in fruit rakijas of Serbia
Deeply rooted in family tradition, striving to complement the tradition with supreme technology,
and affirm the technology by memorable creations of rakijas, bitters and liqueurs,
based on almost personal raw materials, we hereby introduce Megdan rakijas,
produced in controlled fermentation conditions, distilled in Holstein distillation column,
allowed to further improve in quality through careful aging in oak barrels made of local,
Bulgarian and French oak by renowned producers.

Modern technology, state of the art equipment, top experts

Years of aging in new oak barrels

Bottled in modern, glass bottles with a decorative box

Your perfect glass of rakija

Spice up the day, lunch or dinner with rich flavor and aroma

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