Plums may have been one of the first fruits that humans have domesticated. Plum remains were found in archaeological sites from neolithic ages, together with olives, grapes and figs. Throughout Europe the yield of this tree was used to produce an alcoholic beverage, considered in our territories to be the Serbian national drink. In 2015 Šljivovica plum rakija entered in the National Registry of the Intangible Heritage of Serbia. (source: Wikipedia)

Megdan plum rakija represents thorough selection of aged distillates of požega, moravka, ranka and Čačak lepotica plum sorts during a minimum period of 4 years in oak barrels of local and international renowned producers. Our region cultivates numerous plum sorts used to produce rakija. Old sorts provide special aroma and flavour to the rakija.

  • Moravka or metlaš develops the aroma of cinnamon, anise and vanilla. This plum sort is most common in Blace.
  • Požegača or madžarka carries the fragrance of pepper.
  • Crvena ranka is an extremely rare sort.
  • Stanley is widespread in Serbia, and originating from America.

Our plum rakija must by all means age in an oak barrel (of 225, 300 or 400 liters) for five years before selling. Each year decreases the quantity in a barrel by between 3-5%, but increases the quality. One liter of Megdan plum rakija requires between 7 and 10 kg of plums, and is produced in distillation column of the renowned German producer „Arnold Holstein“. The percentage of alcohol in plum rakija is cca. 40%.

Šljivovica is the rakija with the most distinct aroma and can also develop the aromas of walnut and coffee.

Plum rakija is served at room temperature.

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