The entire production process, from technological processing of fruit, through state of the art pot stills, to quality oak barrels, is conducted under supervision of top experts. We offer several types of fruit rakijas in 0,7 l and 0,1 l bottles.

Rakija types:

How to consume a rakija?

Unaged rakijas, up to three years old, are best combined with appetizers and are consumed slightly chilled.

Aged rakijas are never chilled, and are ideally consumed at room temperature. Chilliness covers up the unwanted properties, and suffocates the aroma of the quality rakijas.

Tulip flower shaped glass is ideal to consume rakija from, properly blending the aroma and air. Rakija is consumed in small sips.

Some rakija types are consumed as an aperitif, and some as a digestif. E.g. quince is best consumed after a meal, with coffee.


Pelinkovac is an artificial liquor produced from alcohol, with addition of several types of herbs providing specific flavor and fragrance. It can be consumed as an aperitif, prior to, but also as a digestif, after a meal. It is mostly served chilled, without ice, like other similar drinks, but you can consume it in other ways, after your own desire and taste (with ice, adding a slice of lemon or orange, etc.)

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